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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 13, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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row night. the o'reilly factor is on tonight. >> kate just wanted to have a full life. and even though it was cut short, she lived as much as 20 lives combined. >> the nation still stunned weeks after kate steinle was murdered by a criminal alien. tonight, we will talk with kate's parents in a factor world exclusive. >> i find it incredibly sad and incomprehensible that this tragedy is being used as a platform for political gain. >> still no repentance from the san francisco authorities who allowed a seven-time felon out on the street to kill kate. we'll talk about that with
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charles krauthammer. >> if i'm looking for spiritual enlightenment what would you suggest? >> go sit by the river and listen. >> also ahead jesse watters, the new age edition. >> poof, it's gone. i feel so enlightened. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. no talking points memo this evening because we have a factor national exclusive an interview with the parents of kate steinle who was shot to death by illegal alien felon 12 days ago. by all accounts, kate was a fine young woman. she grew up in pleasantton california outside of san francisco earning a communications degree from cal poly. indicate loved to travel,
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exploring different cultures all around the world. she was also very charitable working with the challenged athletes foundation. summing up, kate was a generous and caring person. her parents have set up a fund that will help causes close to kate's heart. we will give you that information in just a few moments. joining us now from pleasantton, jim steinle kate's father and liz sullivan, her mother. ms. sullivan, we will begin with you what do you want the world to know about kate >> >> well, she was not only beautiful but a very soulful person. a lot of depth. a lot of spirituality always from a young edge. and i think that's what is helping to give us the strength that we've conjured up here in this terrible, terrible situation. i feel her strength still with me. >> you have a very close
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family and kate was even though she is a professional woman and lived outside the home, she was close to both of you correct? >> >> correct. >> yes yes. she would come over quite occasionally and visit with us. >> and the relationship that you had with kate was one of mutual respect. you hear a lot about families these days that don't get along. it looks to me like your family was extremely close and supportive of each other. >> very much so. very much so. the the last three weeks because of our situation of moving kate had spent a lot of time here with us. spent nights sleeping here and most recently she and i had had just taken a nap together. when i came out of my yoga class on wednesday she was waiting for me outside the room. just very, very close very
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totally in contact all the time. >> she was helping you out on the move. i want to get that example across for younger people in america that your home had a lot in it and that makes this situation even more painful. pick it up when you met kate that night. what happened? >> a friend of mine of liz and i was here visiting. she hadn't been into the city. we thought we would go into the city just to visit. it was extremely hot out here, so we headed to the city and we gave kate a call. she met with us. and we walked around and did different things and laughed and went in the ferry building and came out and decided to walk down, you know, the pier and stopped
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at the pier and enjoy the day of san francisco that it's been and it was we turned around and came back from whence we came and we heard a shot and he -- she went down and the arrest we we -- and the rest we all know from then. >> what did she say before she went down? >> help me, dad. >> and had you no idea what was happening at that point? >> none whatsoever. we heard a pop shortly after that kate went down. we had some kind souls come over you know, gave her mouth-to-mouth and did all i could. some other kind souls come over and helped us until the paramedics got there.
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>> did you see the man who shot your daughter? >> no. no everyone in that particular area was just concentrating on kate and what happened. it was pretty obvious something serious happened and that was our response was to her. we weren't looking around or anything like that. >> now ms. sullivan, the outpouring to you and your family and mr. steinle has been unbelievable. tell us about that. >> just the food, the cards the offers for help the people that have come from very far to come and give us condolences, her second grade teacher came from auburn it has been absolutely unbelievable how many lives she touched. the cards the flowers the
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service the memorial. i was overwhelmed with the number of people. it was overwhelming. you can't prepare for anything like this it was astonishing and it is astonishing. we are hoping to carry this forward. we are hoping for some good to come out of all of this. >> this is where we come in. in our next segment we will tell everybody what we are trying to do. mr. steinle, was all of this outpouring for your daughter, was it of any comfort to you? >> oh my, yes. it more than comfort. we are a family that is strong in faith and that in itself kept us strong. >> kate was faithful and she believed and she had had a great spirit. and the thing as liz said that amazed us the amount of people dubai. she worked in dubai for a while.
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people called there. friends that we had lived there. and they flew in just to be at the memorial service from india. we just -- we knew kate had touched a lot of people. you had to meet her to get that but no. it was a strength, the calls that people hear all the time, you can't do this alone regardless of how strong your faith and how tough you might be, but we're just astonished. not that surprised, i guess because kate being kate, but, you know, without all the love around the world actually toward kate, this had been a little tougher road to hoe. >> all right. now, we are going to hold liz and jim over for the next segment. i want to give you some very important information right now. fund that will promote kate's legacy and generosity is go fund 2 aneaw
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that's go fund 2 aneaw and that will be a charitable fund and a legacy fund for kate steinle. more with kate's parents after these messages. ♪ if you can't stand the heat, get off the test track. get the mercedes-benz you've been burning for at the summer event, going on now at your authorized mercedes-benz dealer. hurry, before this opportunity cools off. share your summer moments in your mercedes-benz with us.
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comes back to this country after being deported would serve a mandatory five years in federal prison upon apprehension. second offense 10 years. the key word is mandatory. no wiggle room. the debate over whether non-felons who who defy deportation should be part of the bill's procedure is underway but the vital part is keeping the felons off the streets of america. we are hoping to get 1 million americans-to-sign a petition on bill o' which again we will deliver to speaker boehner and senate majority leader mcconnell. joining us from kate's parnts liz sullivan and kate steinle. i'm talking to you over-the-weekend mr. steinle and you indicate you do support kate's law. why? >> well, i support kate's law because it would be a legacy in her name and her death would not go unnoticed we're an a political family. we keep up with politics
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because we're citizens of the united states. and, you know, we feel the federal, state and cities, their laws are here to protect us but we feel that this particular set of circumstances and the people involved the different agencies let us down. we are just a little tired of the finger pointing and want to see some action and if kate's law saves one person then it is all for good. >> that's very well said, mr. steinle. ms. sullivan, that's exactly what i was trying to do. if it saves one american family that does not have to go through ms. sullivan what you are going through right now, then kate's law is worth it. it should be done. it's only fair. and our laws are supposed to protect us not only foreign felons from domestic felons.
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i think it will happen. that is one of the reasons we wanted you to come on tonight. do you have any thoughts about it merchandise sullivan? i just want it to be a good, solid law that won't have holes in it and i'm sure there will be a lot of posturing and forth have no idea how many people have been killed by illegal ill a yens. we had quite a few people reach out to us and we had no idea it was an issue. >> the number is in the thousands. >> sure, mr. steinle, go ahead. >> if i may add. the family wants to be involved in the language of the law so we have a sense of kate within the law.
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that's very important to us. >> i think what we would like to do is bring you both to washington to talk to the congressman and the senators who are putting the law together. they go on vacation in august. i think when they come back we will get you both to washington to talk to them face to face. maybe to testify in front of some committees there so you can have input and we will report every step of the way. i think you are absolutely right that this law is named after your daughter and you should have input into it. so we are going to make that happen for you. it will be at our expense and we will fly you into washington and set up the meetings for you. would that be okay for you guys to do? >> that would be wonderful. >> that would be fantastic. >> yeah. because we will make that happen. >> kate would be proud. kate would be proud. >> we are doing it for her. we are doing it for you and doing it for all americans. >> absolutely. >> i have researched your daughter. you know, i'm thinking if my daughter were shot dead, i
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mean, i don't know how you guys can even sit for this interview. i don't think i could do it. i think you have so much courage. i think that courage and i think your perspective has to be heard in washington. you know i will go so far as to say that i would like to get the president of the united states to talk to you as well. we will work on all of that. we will do it in early september when they come come back rested from their vacation. in the meantime we want everybody to go to your website is. i know millions of people will. i know they will americans are a good people and we are concerned on a very, very intimate basis with crime victims and families that are suffering the way you are. so i'm going to each give you a last statement ms. sullivan. you go first. >> well, you know, it's just a horrific situation and we find that it has touched so many other people and you just wanted it to pay forward. you want to pay it forward and you want to make it so
8:18 pm
much better for everybody in the united states that this as you say would never happen again. >> mr. steinle? >> that's our hope. >> well, it just, again our faith has kept us strong and the people have kept us strong kate's bright light. the battle of evil and goodness, what happened to kate was evil personified but her bright light that has shone all over the world, has helped us and the show us and the people of the world the united states and everywhere with this law that goodness trumps evil any time and she was a kind person and we're hoping to keep her legacy alive. >> well, thank you both. i can't tell you how much it means to the country. i would like to say for me
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and the vast majority of factor viewers that our prayers are with you and your family. thanks again. we will be in touch. >> thank you. >> we will continue. this we are not going to let this go. directly ahead reaction to that interview from mary katharine ham and juan williams. then later, charles krauthammer on another bit of likely corruption in mexico. the world's worst drug traffic errors scapes from prison down there. are you moving forward fast enough? everywhere you look, it strategy is now business strategy. and a partnership with hp can help
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continuing now with lead story the parents of kate steinle speak out. joining us from austin, texas, mary katharine ham and from washington juan williams both fox news analysts. all right juan, do you want to comment on the interview? >> you know, bill, i am so hurt. you said it's hard for you to imagine how they did the interview. i agree. i must say, you know, they are strong supports now of
8:23 pm
kate's law and the idea that they want to pay it forward. i'm just reminded i think i herds once a child when they see their parents they see god. and i see in them, even nowed that the child is gone, which is so heart breaking that you know, these people have the power of god in them. and they are moving forward with that life energy. so, you know, around here in d.c. everybody is talking about vice president biden losing a child who was in his 40s. here are jim and liz losing a child in their 20's. and it's just equally devastating. so the interview to me was very powerful and, you know, i, again as you said, my prayers, i'm sure all our prayers go to them. >> what say you, mary katharine? >> i'm just struck by how incredibly strong they seem and how hard it is to watch any parent who loses a child grieve for that in the
8:24 pm
spotlight and do it so gracefully is quite amazing. my prayers for them and for kate. it's nice to hear her story even after she has left us. >> now juan, the parents as you pointed out are supporters of kate's law. we are going to get them involved in the writing of the legislation. are you going to support it, juan? >> yeah. you know, i am taken with the idea that we need to get criminals off the street. i don't have any doubt about that bill. i think that what you have got here is a situation where you need to -- we, as an american people, need to change the law first to make sure that it's not a matter of a -- you know, a detainee memo but an actual legal warrant for anybody who is in custody in the united states who is an illegal warrant and felon a warrant is issued and that person has no chance. there can be no misunderstanding so
8:25 pm
everybody understands the way the law should come down and the way why are going to lobby for it to come down is that once a person comes back after being deported and they are picked up again, you run it through the federal system. everybody has got to be run through the federal system. and if it comes back, that you are a convicted felon in the united states, then you are charged immediately and there is no wiggle room. you have to be charged. and, if convicted, you have to get five first offense ten second, 20 third. that takes the discretion. because right now there are laws on the books. they are not being being enforced. all right. this isn't happening, which is why this thug could get back six times here and tomorrow we're going to report on a guy who got back nine times and killed somebody. all right. so that's the intent of the law. go. >> right. i think it's perfectly rational. sounds like a good idea to raise the stakes on every one of those entries into
8:26 pm
the united states what is going on now the stakes are not high enough for the folks that come in. sanctuary cities where this guy announced he was hanging out there because it was a sanctuary city. those cities even though they have reasons for doing what they are doing have a responsibility to their citizens. here's the thing. i think also the steinle's are being so smart about wanting to be involved in the intricacies of the law because a law just proposing it does not solve problems. ushering it through that process does. >> that's right. >> can make an impact. and i think that's really smart because i don't have faith in every sing dwell law to say do what it says it's going to do. >> kate steinle's name is on it juan. i'm going to give you the last word. her parents certainly in this republic have first priority/çfíxwl:└i!g v«hb>q(ç7i.mgñwr0ñ 4bh9lpri>e"&v sp2t0 congress people and senators what they would like to see. >> i think that adds real personal power. that's how you get
8:27 pm
politicians bill make it human. you are not just talking policy and these parents have lost a child. argue about the value of sanctuary cities. i know president obama and his justice department are really hard right now in trying to deport criminals. that is drawing criticism from both sides let's get through the static. let's do something about this law. >> it feels like a no-brainer. >> i would like to see who is going to oppose it now. we need this law. it should have been done a long time ago. this is the first step. the next president of the united states is going to have to deal with that border so these thugs can't get back six and nine times. mary katharine, juan, thank you. a reminder mary katharine's book end of discussion in the marketplace even as we speak. plenty more ahead as the
8:28 pm
factor moves along this evening. donald trump surging in polls because of all the immigration chaos and thousand there is more with the world's worst drug traffic errors escaping in mexico. we will talk with karl rove and charles krauthammer. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. ♪ ♪ ♪ you're only young once. unless you have a subaru. (announcer) the subaru xv crosstrek. symmetrical all-wheel drive plus 34 mpg. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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campaign 2016. new poll from ma'am
8:32 pm
university. those leading g.o.p. who they want as the republican nominee. jeb bush came out on top 15%. followed by trump 13%. cruz 9%. walker 7%. huckabee, scott walker ben carson and rand paul all tied at 6%. joining us from austin, karl rove. on oously the immigration thing is driving trump's numbers and you say? >> well, i think it's more than immigration. there is a certain brashness to him too that's attractive. is he sort of making the argument that he is the guy who can fix everything. if you take a look at the real clear politics average he has gone from 6. a to 9.3 as a result of this latest poll. my sense is that the next time we get another national poll it's going to be a good number for trump and that trump may cross scott walker unless scott walker gets a bump out of today's activities which i'm not sure he will. there was however, a lot of bad news in that poll that
8:33 pm
you mentioned bill. trump's favorable and unfavorables in the poll which has him nearly tied for first 40% favorable 41% unfavorable. he is ranked in the 17 candidates in the poll. he is ninth in favorables and he is number two in the unfavorables, that is to say that he looks like he may be capping out. he has a high floor but low ceiling. in fact, they asked is it more to get publicity to ask of all 17 candidates 39% saw it that trump's candidacy was more to get publicity. the next number is 9% and the other 15 candidates get that question. so, he has got to prove himself a serious candidate and we will see how he does in the weeks to come. >> the truth of the matter is that he is a pop police. and there is, you pop populace. he is appealing to the
8:34 pm
emotion of the american voter. that's his campaign. the emotion. the rest of them are pinheads. they never solve problems. if you elect me, i will solve them because i am not a politician. that's a powerful message in a country fed up with standard policy, is it not. >> it is outside of the confines of the party. inside the confines of the party it causes people if you go around calling all of the rest of the candidates clowns and jerks. then people look at you and say can you unite the party for the general election? how can you turn around and expect people that you diminished so personally to be enthusiastic but in the general election. the second issue is within a party people ultimately start to ask questions about okay, i get it that you are smart and that you are a guy who can negotiate. what do you believe? and there is where is he going to have problems. he was on your show not too many years ago in which he said we need to have a path to citizenship for 30 million people. illegal aliens in this country. he said not too long ago i'm
8:35 pm
pro-choice. he now says he is pro-life. he wrote in his book that he believed that america should have universal healthcare modeled on the canadian system which frankly looks like obamacare on steroids. here is a guy who has given lots of money to democrats including in 2006 a lot of money to make harry reid the leader of the senate. and nancy pelosi. >> to be fair he gave money to everybody and that's what he did. >> you have got to explain that to republicans. >> well, i don't know -- >> -- i wanted to get things done. >> i got one more question for you. i don't know if he is going to have to explain that stuff and here is why. his campaign is solely based on emotion he is trying to attract people who don't care about party politics, just fed up. i'm mad as hell and i'm not going to take it anymore. i'm just wondering how powerful that message is going to become because i don't think is he going to stop it last word? >> yeah. well it's powerful for a while but it's hard to
8:36 pm
sustain simply on a motion you have to give a concrete vision of what you are going to do and deal with these questions as they come up because otherwise they eight at your credibility. you can't simply say i gave a lot of money to elect nancy pelosi speaker and harry reid majority leader in the senate because i wanted to get things done and expect the kind of people we are talking about. angry about where the country is going. angry about where washington is to say well that makes a lot of sense to me. >> mr. rove as always. thank you. when we come right back another huge embarrassment from mexico. another drug dealer escaping from prison despite the fact that america wanted guzman extradited here and they said. no more on that moments when you travel, we help you make all kinds of connections. connections you almost miss. and ones you never thought you'd make. we help connect where you are. to places you never thought you'd go.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the personal story segment tonight, criminals from mexico. as we reported, the man charged with killing kate steinle juan sanchez was able to enter the u.s.a. six times illegally from mexico. in the process committing seven felonies here. he is he is a dug dealer. nevertheless, a sheriff from san francisco who released him over federal objections says this: >> as a father, member, long-time member, over 32 years of our great city, and as the elected sheriff for
8:41 pm
the city and county of san francisco, i find it incredibly sad and incomprehensible that this tragedy is being used as a platform for political gain. >> number one it's not a tragedy, it's a violent crime and the only political gain sheriff would be you resigning because you are incompetent. also on saturday, 58-year-old joaquin guzman perhaps the worst drug trafficker in the world escaped from prison despite the fact that united states wanted him here mexico would not cooperate. let's take kate's law first do you think washington will pass it. >> i'm not sure. i'm not sure it's going to solve a huge problem of course in this particular instance we have a shocking crime, a grieving family. if you restrict it to felons convicted felons then you have a fairly small population. i think the law would probably make sense.
8:42 pm
but, i mean, it would only have a major effect on the crime rate if it applied to anybody jumping the fence a second time. the problem with that. >> i don't think you could do that. >> you would flood the prisons. >> right. right. but let me just stop you for a minute here. you have got to stop people coming in here who are violent felons, drug traffickers, whatever, nine times, 8 times. that's the sole purpose of this law. if they come back once, you pick them up, all right. and they are gone. no discretion. and it's, as you said, it's simple straightforward let's do it. then you start to build on the other stuff. go ahead. >> well, it seems to me, to it be a council of despair. it seems to me the major problem is that you have a flood of illegal immigrants coming in and that you are doing is repairing the damage of a system that does not secure the border.
8:43 pm
>> you have got to take it one step at a time. >> the first step look i have been since 2006 in favor of putting up a fence or a wall the full length of the border. >> charles obama is not going to do it. is he is not going to do it it? >> yes, obama is not president for life. >> that's what i'm saying. so you get kate's law now and then you backhoe into here is the next president. by the way, hillary clinton wouldn't do it either, okay? just so everybody knows. i have got to go down to mexico now. >> wait a minute. that's why you have got to elect a republican. >> that's for you to say. i'm just analyzing who is going to do. what guzman, everybody knows this guy was being treated gently in prison. now even as a tunnel underneath he goes down, is he out. you will never get him again. americans want him extradited back here. mexicans said. no classic case of mexican corruption from the president on down.
8:44 pm
>> is the news of mexican corruption is news? that's been true for 20, 30, 40 years. the idea that we are somehow shocked to score that the drug lords have incredible influence in mexico is is a little bit odd and puzzling. i do think that we have so sort of sit down and say well, yes, that is true. and how exactly are we in the united states going to fix the corruption inside a mexican government? >> you can't. >> and law enforcement. well, that's what i'm asking you. >> you can't. >> what are you going to do about it. >> i can't do anything about it i just want everybody to know what the hell is going on down there in mexico. they are not our friend. >> isn't that why you want to secure the border? >> absolutely. you don't want to put that of o. the president of the united states is not going to do it as such now next guy or gal might but is he not.
8:45 pm
>> next guy or gal is in the republican field and they have to did do what they have to do to shut the republican border you can talk about illegal amortization. only after you secure the border. the idea that it is some pie in the sky idea is ridiculous. the israelis built a fence that protected -- that decreased terrorism by 90%. the jordanians are building. everybody builds fences. if fences didn't work, why is there one at the white house? >> no argument. now there is momentum to get stuff done and we have to get it done. charles, thank you. new age he addition right back. this is good, mom. "good"? (chuckles) it's delicious! and this new kibble blend is so healthy. thank you. no,
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back of the book segment tonight, watters world, one of the most beautiful places in the country is big sur. a series of cliffs on the specific ocean just south of monterey california. big sur was once a hippy haven but now has become the home of the new age movement in america. we sent watters to check it out. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> where are we? >> 12 miles south of caramel in what i call the gateway to big sur. >> are they going to accept me in big sur with my collar up like this? >> 50/50. [ laughter ] ♪ >> how long have you been around here? >> i have been living here 45 years. i live at the edge of the
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wilderness and i have declared it a nature spirit party zone. we all have some dragon flies. humming birds swallows, the fa the falcons, the condors. >> what the [ bleep ] is happening right now? >> we're out here all alone. you're not going to do anything crazy to me are you? >> you never know what will happen in the woods. >> this is ridiculous. >> you live in a sailboat. >> yes. we have solar panels. >> what happens when the sun goes down? do you consider yourself a new age thinker? >> living off the lands. eating organic. not eating animals. >> i had a steak last night. what do you do on a daily basis? >> take irof many plants. >> the good stuff? >> oh yes. some of it is really high. >> how much does this cost? >> $250.
8:51 pm
>> i didn't think i would find something so patriotic here in big sur. >> do you have a confederate flag like this? did you just gong me? >> i did. you're out. gong. >> can you show me? >> yeah. you have to be the wave. you have to do your own movement. >> do you think president obama should go to the united nations and dance around like this? that might help the world's problems. >> i think it might. >> how would you as a new age person solve problems in america? >> i wouldn't solve any problems. just sail. >> sail away? >> yeah. how would you jump start the economy? >> make everything out of hemp. >> create less trash. >> see more people here. in borders? >> no. i don't. >> if we don't have borders, how would we have the olympics? >> i love it.
8:52 pm
>> i don't know how you i feel about borders but i don't believe in states. i believe in love. >> do you think we should carpet bomb? >> no. talking is good but i don't know if it will work. >> i think negotiation is a good approach. >> what if they behead you at the negotiating table? >> evil doesn't start out. there it starts inside. it starts inside all of us. >> isis was the actual first super woman. >> don't give me no isis. >> what kind of energy am i giving off right now? >> you're amazing. noncombative. >> confidence but calm about it. >> you're a little bit cocky. >> check. if i was to seek inner peace, how should i go about doing that? >> go out and sit under a red wood for a couple of days.
8:53 pm
>> what is your spiritual animal? mine is a dinosaur. >> you're human. you could never be a dinosaur. >> could i tux your beard? >> okay. here we go. >> this is my world right here. >> i'm loving this. >> here is water. everyone was mellow right? >> everyone has never heard of you. >> even the cell phones hardly work. >> i couldn't contact anyone. i said when did you watch tv last? like three months ago. >> this is one of those plays in the country, you don't get any of that and everybody is -- >> very gentle there. i feel very rejuvenated. >> did you go to that place? >> they wouldn't let me in. >> they have all the hot tubs where everybody is under clothed there. >> they should have let me in.
8:54 pm
>> if you want to relax, big sur. can't you tell i feel relaxed? >> no. you're the same pin head you always were. the guy with the beard. >> i think he was in a commune. i'm a little worried about hill. big sur, we recommend everybody go out there. you have to be mellow though. don't be like me when you go out there. nice. farout. you just saw his world. a great place to visit besides big sur. do you want to know how hard it can be to breathe with copd? it can feel like this. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that helps open my airways for a full 24 hours. spiriva helps me breathe easier. spiriva respimat does not replace rescue inhalers for sudden symptoms.
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a parent and grand parent alert. you can't get away from the net. this book hitler's last days could change all that. it is already a huge best seller in the that 10 to 16 category because it is fun to read.
8:57 pm
lots of great pictures and maps and it will educate america's kids. sadly, many schools no longer teach students about world war ii. one of the defining moments in american history. please check out "hitler's last days." bill you criticized sharpton for race baiting but you are doing same thing. you have been anti-mexican for years. my family ill grated to america and we are all law abiding. i've said if i were poor i would try to get to america any way i could. i've said the mexican government is largely krumtcorrupt. you're talking about kate's law. very powerful. every father in america can feel pain over what happened to her. if you listen to trump, he said mexico is singling its worst criminals. that's true. mexico doesn't send us anyone.
8:58 pm
they look the other way. as people smugglers guide folks over the border. and mr. o'reilly i'm glad bernie goldberg scolded you for sending watters to embarrass the san francisco politicians. we will have more of that on tomorrow's factor. we confronted a number of the supervisors over the weekend. the most outrageous comment you made was telling rick perry that the next president will have to decide how to control the border. hillary would never do that. so that would be a decision right? my statement was accurate. anyone discounting her candidacy is being foolish. and i would like to say to margaret in georgia, very happy 102nd birthday. way to go. and finally the factor tip of the day about teddy roosevelt.
8:59 pm
one of the originals. he was a brave and effective politician who lived on long island. his house being reopened to the public this week. the past three years, the u.s. parks service has renovated it. i was lucky enough to get a tour on saturday. a fabulous experience if you like history or just nice houses. teddy's house is exactly the same as it was when he lived in it from 1895 to 1919. he actually died in fwled at age city. everything has stayed exactly the same. the factor tim of the day. check out sagamore hill. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website. we would like you to write in. do not be ambage.
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